AMETEK EIP expands aerospace and defence activities across Europe

Posted on 15 November, 2021 by Advance 

AMETEK Engineered Interconnect and Packaging (EIP) has recently started the expansion of sales and customer service activities for its interconnect and packaging products into Europe.

Image courtesy AMETEK EIP

AMETEK Engineered Interconnect and Packaging (EIP) has recently started the expansion of sales and customer service activities for its interconnect and packaging products into Europe.

The business is ramping up its presence in European countries with a team of experts to grow its market share within the European Aerospace and Defense industry over the coming years.

AMETEK EIP operates facilities around the world. The decision to increase the business’s European foothold has followed a significant rise in demand for its hermetic connector and packaging solutions for critical applications within the defense and aerospace markets as well as industrial, medical, semiconductor, telecom and other markets. A dedicated European sales team has been set up to lead the mission and provide outstanding service and response times.

The existing team, which has more than 20 years expertise in aerospace and defence interconnect products, is based in the United Kingdom and is now joined by an additional three highly qualified industry professionals. First is Cyrille Pillette, an aerospace industry expert and Sales Director for EMEA who is based in Toulouse, France. Joining Cyrille is Olaf Schultz, highly qualified international aerospace and electronics industry expert, based in Germany in the position of European Sales Manager. To expand the Sales support in Europe, Nicolas Berfini, with a diploma in Mechanical and Productivity and with substantial experience as EMEA Project and Customer Service Manager, has also joined the European team. He will act as the technical interface between customers and the main engineering team in the US.

As part of AMETEK EIP’s plan to increase its reach into Europe, the new team will introduce itself to the industry with attendance at several international trade shows over the next few months. They will be showcasing their expertise and AMETEK EIP’s product offerings at the Space Tech Exposition in Bremen, Germany, from 16th-18th November, followed by several other technical aerospace and defense conferences, exhibitions and industry events.

Tim McCoy, Division Vice President of Sales and Marketing for AMETEK EIP said: “We have developed a reputation for being a world-class manufacturer of hermetically sealed connectors and packages. We have outstanding engineering resources that custom design whatever our customers need within the connector and the packaging market. We pride ourselves in best-in-class lead times, exceptional product and service quality and high levels of product customisation.

“While we have been working with European markets for a while now, activity has been fairly niche and low level to date. Since adding more people to our European team and working more closely with the aerospace and defense markets out there, we feel it is the perfect time to expand our operations and spread the word about our products and solutions for these critical sectors. The team we have selected has significant experience within our primary markets of aerospace, defence and industrial. With our team, we can now enhance our level of service and attentiveness to our customers in Europe, as well as offer expanded technical capabilities to support failure analysis and other issues customers might have in the field.”

AMETEK EIP is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio and has more than 70 years of experience in addressing interconnection, packaging, and cabling problems in mission-critical environments. The business designs and manufactures hermetically sealed interconnection products; microelectronic packages using glass-to-metal-seal and high temperature cofired ceramic (HTCC) technologies; as well as harsh environment electrical and optical connectors and cable assemblies.

Sectors served include aerospace and defence, which make up around 80% of AMETEK EIP’s business, in addition to medical, oil and gas and industrial markets. Applications range from hermetic packages for aircraft connectors and electronics to surface mount device packages for power transistors for semiconductor customers. Products can be custom designed and built to precise customer specifications.

AMETEK EIP’s products offer a broad range of capabilities, including the ability to withstand high temperatures and high pressures. This is vital for wide range of applications in aircraft, satellite and sea oil exploration and production. The business has its own testing suite to ensure every single product leaving production can withstand extreme temperatures and pressures and ultimately keep mission-critical electronics safe and protected to ensure performance without failure for many years.