Written by Karun Harrar, Aerospace Innovation Executive, ADS

The emerging UAM Sector could see exciting synergies between automotive and aerospace companies, accelerating the prospect of a more personalised flying future.

The Urban Air Mobility sector is one of the most exciting developments in aviation in recent times. However, a complex landscape awaits developers in UAM, creating many challenges that need to be overcome to bring this new mode of transport to reality; one certainty however is that automotive companies can bring a wealth of technology and knowledge to the urban air market, enhancing the prospect of a more rapid adoption of point-to-point urban air flights.

The full article explores synergies found between aerospace and automotive companies including Porsche, Boeing, Airbus, Audi, Toyota, Joby and service providers like Uber. You will also gain a brief insight into which companies are working together, which collaborations have been successful and which partnerships to watch out for in the next five to ten years.

The article covers companies of all sizes engaged in the UAM sector, from SME startups like Vertical Aerospace to aerospace giants like Airbus and Boeing.

What has the UK got to offer?

We take a deeper dive into the UAM sector through the UK lens and gain an appreciation for what the UK has to offer in this field – the UK has a large engineering resource field, rich in aerospace and automotive pedigree and high-tech capability. Additionally, the proactiveness of UK companies from both automotive and aerospace sectors to engage with UAM definitely makes the UK an attractive location to invest and build capability in this emerging sector.

The collaborations explored have one clear common goal – to take advantage of the skills, knowledge and market positions of the respective aerospace and automotive companies, creating a unique relationship which can further enhance the knowledge and capabilities surrounding UAM solutions.

One might say that we are on the verge of the birth of a brand-new space – one that is rejuvenating and revitalising iconic manufacturers and providing an ecosystem for new companies to establish themselves in the field.

With the current state of technology evolving so rapidly, the future of UAM may be closer than we all think.

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