In advance of DSEI next week, today we are launching an extended version of the ADS Facts and Figures report for 2021.

ADS Facts and Figures 2021 is our annual go-to report for key sector information for aerospace, defence, security, and space sectors. We released the report earlier this year with these top-line statistics combined for the four sectors:

  • Estimated turnover of £79bn in 2020
  • 385,000 jobs in 2020 of which 14,000 are estimated to be apprentices
  • An export value of £45bn in 2020
  • A total contribution to the UK economy through Gross Value Add of an estimated £33bn in 2020

In addition, the original guide explored individual sector contributions of jobs across the country, turnover, exports, and value add.

Additional insights on sector strengths

The extended Facts and Figures 2021 sees no changes to the figures presented in the original guide, but offers additional insights on various sector strengths.

The Strength of UK Defence

For the defence sector, we showcase the market sector splits by export, workforce jobs in design and engineering and details some of the commitments made by the defence sector to the UK’s sustainability goals and in terms of increased spending in defence R&D.

The Strength of UK Security & Resilience

The extended edition highlights the strength of the security and resilience and the increased turnover growth in the last five years of 80% making security and resilience is one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK. The UK’s security and resilience sector provides solutions to challenges we all face today and continues to make a major contribution to growth and prosperity in every part of the country and a significant contributor to exports.

The Strength of UK Aerospace

For aerospace the additional panel reflects on the sustainability targets and net zero commitments made by industry.  We also take the opportunity to highlight the high percentage of SMEs in the aerospace sector.

This DSEI gives the opportunity to relaunch our ADS Facts and Figures with renewed insights on the strengths of our sectors. Any questions on the content can be directed to

View the full Facts and Figures 2021 publication below.

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