Due to the postponement of the ADS Annual Dinner to 23 March, on Wednesday 19 January in its place a webinar took place and members were introduced to ADS 2022 Priorities and Outlook and new ADS President Julian Whitehead.  

Opening Remarks

Opening the webinar, Julian remarked on the privilege it is to have been appointed ADS President and then moved on to cover ADS Strategy and Priorities for 2022.  

The purpose of ADS is: To build sustainable prosperity as the voice and trusted partner of the UK’s Aerospace, Defence, Security and Space sectors, supporting and delivering success for our members large and small. 

2022 Priority Topics

These priorities will guide ADS and help ADS create an environment that allows our members to invest in productivity, exports and growth. 

  1. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG): Companies operating in the Defence, and Security sector are facing an increasing focus on “socially sustainable finance”. ADS will work with members and our partners across Europe such as ASD to ensure our sectors do not face undue barriers when accessing investment or financial services.  
  2. Skills and Future Workforce: Throughout 2022, we will support our members with greater analysis and advocacy. ADS will also drive diversity across our sectors through activities with the Women in Aviation and Aerospace and Defence Charters and ADS’ own Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee.  
  3. Delivery of Government Strategies: key initiatives ADS will work with Government to deliver include the Defence and Security Industrial Strategy and securing extended funding for the Aerospace Technology Institute. Other strategies include the Cyber Security Strategy, Export Strategy, National Space Strategy and many Ministry of Defence plans expected in the coming weeks.  
  4. Aerospace Growth and Recovery: ADS will continue to advocate for any necessary support and, importantly, for a return to normality for air passengers that will lead to a full recovery in demand for aircraft and for maintenance, repair, and overhaul services. We hope to see great strides taken towards growth and to reaching net zero by 2050.  

ADS 2022 Key Activities and Strategy Implementation

ADS CEO Kevin Craven then outlined some areas where our members will see major advances in our work for them this year, across the full range of our activities.  

Key areas we will be advancing include business development, sector visions, thought leadership and analysis, sustainability and social inclusion and events. Planned industry events for 2022 include our rescheduled Annual Dinner, Industry Forums, Member Networking Receptions, and our popular Summer BBQ.  

If you missed the webinar or would like to rewatch, you can below and if you have any queries or concerns regarding your ADS membership, feel free to get in touch with our Membership Team