The UK’s Aerospace, Defence, Security and Space industries make a significant and valuable contribution to economic prosperity and national security.

The ADS 2017 Industry Facts and Figures guide shows the extent to which companies in our sectors serve as the industrial backbone of the UK – delivering the well-paid jobs and high-tech exports we need to secure a prosperous future.

In 2016, the UK Aerospace, Defence, Security and Space sectors’ contribution to the UK was:

As the national trade association for the UK’s Aerospace, Defence, Security and Space sectors, ADS works to promote and support their interests both at home and abroad. Spanning the length and breadth of the UK, ADS’ 1000 member companies include over 950 SMEs.

Working in partnership with the government, our Members are investing in innovation, skills and supply chains throughout the UK in order to generate country-wide growth, boost productivity and strengthen our competitive advantage in fast-growing global markets.

The government should work with industry to maximise global growth opportunities through a step change in UK productivity.

  • Develop an ambitious Industrial Strategy that attracts global investment and builds on our successful sector strategies
  • Prioritise productivity by supporting supply chain investment in new technologies, world-class skills and the latest manufacturing processes
  • Invest in industrial innovation to ensure the UK benefits from the jobs, exports and growth that flow from our creative ideas
  • Ensure public procurement drives innovation, delivers wider industrial benefit for the UK and enhances our national security
  • Deliver a Brexit deal that sustains our global competitiveness, and ensures a stable transition

The UK’s Aerospace sector is the largest in Europe and second globally to the USA, generating well-paid jobs, high-tech exports and sustainable growth across the country.

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The UK is the second largest defence exporter in the world, which helps deliver the equipment and services our armed forces and security services need to safeguard national security.

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The UK’s Security and Resilience sector provides solutions to the challenges we all face today, from cyber security to products and services which address the threats of terrorism and all other aspects of national security.

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The UK’s Space sector, growing at over 8% a year, is at the cutting edge of exploring the universe and connecting people to the world around them.

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