‘Cyber Supplier to Government’ scheme

Today, a scheme was launched that enables UK cyber security suppliers to government to be able to reference this fact publicly, for example when pursuing business overseas.

The Cyber Security Supplier to Government scheme was developed at industry’s request.  It will enable companies to:

  • Advertise the fact that they supply a cyber security product or service to the UK Government
  • Use the Government’s logo in marketing material
  • Appear (if they wish) on a public list of cyber suppliers to Government on .Gov website

The scheme is administered by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).  It is intended to support UK companies in pursuing export business opportunities worldwide in cyber security.  It is open to all cyber security companies who have a current contract for the supply of cyber security products and services to central government (i.e. Ministerial) departments, either direct or through a third party supplier such as a prime contractor.  Wider public sector bodies such as the NHS and local authorities (local government, emergency services) are excluded from this scheme.