Manufacturing titans make case for Remaining in the EU

In today’s Sun, Paul Kahn, President of Airbus Group UK and Juergen Maier, CEO of Siemens UK, have penned a joint editorial setting out the benefits of remaining in the EU and questioning the economic.

“We want manufacturers to create more jobs and opportunities in this country, not go elsewhere, as Brexit would encourage.

There are exciting things happening in manufacturing technology in areas like robotics and driverless cars.

Airbus and Siemens have recently agreed a long-term deal to develop hybrid electric engines for aircraft of the future.

The UK is well placed to become leaders in all these fields and the EU helps by providing money for research and giving UK companies a say in how industry standards are set.”

They also highlight some of the inherent incoherences and implications of Brexit:

“What’s more, some ‘Leave’ campaigners seem happy to sacrifice British manufacturing altogether.

Does Michael Gove really want to walk away from the largest free-trade single market in the world, as he appeared to suggest recently?

We’re not saying the EU is perfect, but it is important for British manufacturing companies as it allows us to sell our products in Europe, without having to pay tariffs. This helps keep our goods competitive and makes people in Europe more likely to buy British.”

Ultimately, they argue that the EU Referendum vote on 23rd June is a choice about our economic future:

“Ultimately this is about the kind of economy and jobs we want for future generations. Do we want to help develop these new technologies in Britain, or give up and risk missing out on jobs and opportunities?

And at the same time, anyone who tells you that we have to decide between manufacturing or the service industry is wrong. We need both.

EU membership is good for British manufacturing and it will help to ensure that future generations of Brits continue to make things that the world wants to buy.”