Workers in industries including manufacturing and construction will be able to continue going to work through the period of restrictions on movement announced by the Prime Minister on Monday.

Following new rules coming into force to restrict social contact in the UK for three weeks, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) clarified the guidance for industries where home-working arrangements is not possible for all activities.

The BEIS guidance says:

"If it is impossible for you to work from home, you are able to go to work. For example, this will apply to those who do manual labour, such as in the construction and manufacturing industries as well as those who provide services that cannot be done from home, such as restaurant workers providing takeaways.

"You are able to go to work if you absolutely have to, unless you are a vulnerable member of society, in which case we urge you to stay at home as per the guidance."

Guidance for employers on how to best protect their workers from Coronavirus is available at: