Company Profile

XPI Simulation designs & supplies training simulators and carries out research into advanced graphics techniques for use synthetic environments. XPI specializes in simulators for ground based vehicles for both civilian and military use. CivilianRoad Safety EducationPolice Advanced DriversCompany FleetsFormula1 TeamsUniversity ResearchMilitaryWheeled vehiclesMulti-axle vehiclesTracked vehiclesLIDAR is used to ensure accurate and recognizable road layouts or off-road terrain. Systems range from simple desk-mounted simulators to multi-station networked simulators on hexapod motion platforms.Current projects include:Real-time ray-tracing, Common database formatsTraining simulators for tracked vehicles.XPI has probably the longest experience of developing specialist simulators for use by Formula1 racing teams and is currently supplying LIDAR track databases to many of the F1 teams.