SC21, why now more than ever?

Written by Marika De Rosa, SC21

Due to the Covid19 pandemic and the impact of Brexit, companies are reinventing themselves and looking for new ways to compete.

Supply Chains for the 21st Century (SC21) helps businesses become more resilient by accelerating their competitiveness and raising their performance in order to gain more value in the eyes of the customers. The programme has been running for more than 14 years and now more than ever can help aerospace and defence industry companies survive.

With the SC21 Operational Excellence (OE) Programme, Quality & Delivery performance / productivity are kept at a high level, consistently throughout time. The method is also focused on the improvement of Manufacturing, Business and Relationship diagnostics.

Benefits of participating in SC21 Operational Excellence

SC21 Performance awards

Organisations achieving and maintaining agreed criteria are accredited by Bronze, Silver or Gold standards. To achieve a Gold performance award, in a 12-month rolling performance indicator, companies need to consecutively deliver at least 99.00% of the products or services on time and to the required quality, for a minimum of 99.99% compliant products or services.

Congratulations to those companies receiving their recent awards.

Bronze performance award

  • Phoenix CNC Engineering Ltd Bronze Feb-21
  • Carlisle Interconnect Technologies Ltd – Blackburn Bronze Feb-21
  • Advanced Logistics for Aerospace (UK) Ltd Bronze Jan-21
  • Hollygate Aircraft Components Limited – Hyde Group Bronze Feb-21
  • Stoneswood Precision Components Ltd (Hyde) Bronze Feb-21
  • Huber+Suhner (UK) Ltd Bronze Oct-20
  • IC Blue Ltd Bronze Oct-20
  • Jack Tighe Ltd Bronze Aug-20
  • KPK Sheet Metal Ltd – Sunbury-on-Thames Bronze Jan-21
  • Logan Electronics Ltd Bronze Feb-21
  • McGreevy Engineering Bronze Dec-20
  • Merlin Circuit Technology Ltd Bronze Jul-20
  • Nitronica Ltd Bronze Oct-20
  • Paramount Precision Engineering Ltd Bronze Oct-20
  • RHH Franks Limited Bronze Nov-20
  • Smiths Engineering Works NI Ltd Bronze Oct-20
  • Techni-Grind (Preston) Machining Ltd / TGM Ltd Bronze Aug-20
  • Westminster Engineering Co Bronze Feb-21
  • Righton Blackburns Ltd – Leeds Bronze Oct-20


  • Arrowsmith Engineering (Coventry) Ltd Silver Feb-21
  • Active Electronics Plc Silver Dec-20
  • Allan Webb Ltd Silver Jul-20
  • Dontaur Engineering Ltd Silver Jan-21
  • Groveley Precision Engineering Ltd Silver Jul-20
  • Intelliconnect Europe Ltd Silver Feb-21
  • Nemco Ltd Silver Feb-21
  • Righton Blackburns Ltd – Glasgow Silver Oct-20
  • Righton Blackburns Ltd – Manchester Silver Feb-21
  • Righton Blackburns Ltd – Portsmouth Silver Jan-21

Gold performance

  • RTA Ireland Ltd Gold Nov-20
  • Technical Metals Ltd – Newtownards Gold Oct-20
  • Moyola Precision Engineering Ltd Gold Sep-20
  • Denroy Plastics Ltd Gold Jul-20
  • IPC Mouldings Ltd Gold Jul-20

SC21 Competitiveness & Growth (C&G)

The Civil Aerospace companies have the possibility to access funding for their improvement joining the SC21 Competitiveness & Growth (C&G) Programme, funded with £10m by BEIS. So far, we have awarded over £2.8m to 18 Civil Aero beneficiaries.

  • A&G Precision and Sons Ltd
  • AB Precision (Poole) Ltd
  • Advanced Logistics for Aerospace (UK) Ltd
  • AE Aerospace Ltd
  • Arrowsmith Engineering (Coventry) Ltd
  • Beagle Technology
  • CCP Gransden
  • G&O Springs Ltd
  • Hycrome Aerospace Ltd
  • Linwave Technology Ltd
  • MEP Ltd
  • Moyola Precision Engineering Ltd
  • Senior Aerospace Weston
  • Silcoms Ltd
  • Velocity Composites Plc
  • Winslow Adaptics Ltd
  • Addison Engineering (Blackpool)
  • Phoenix CNC Engineering Ltd

We are working towards additional financial support for Defence companies, who can always join SC21 OE.

Interested in joining SC21?

The SC21 Programme Office is looking for new applicants and we encourage you to express your interest in joining Lite/OE or, if your business fits the criteria, in applying for C&G.

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