Advanced Air Mobility Special Interest Group

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What Is The Advanced Air Mobility Group?

The ADS Advanced Air Mobility Special Interest Group (AAM SIG) is made of ADS members and stakeholders involved in the development and commercialisation of new, environmentally friendly, air transport system concepts, or looking to break into those emerging markets. These normally involve new aircraft designs and technologies, such as electrical Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) vehicles, or autonomous systems. 

What Is The Purpose Of The Group?

The group aims to establish the UK as a world-leading location for the development and delivery of Advanced Air Mobility solutions – from the vehicles to the supply chain required, and the digital and physical infrastructure that will enable their operation. We bring together industry, and facilitate its relationship with government, regulators, and other important stakeholders, to shape this emerging market.

Through three dedicated workstreams on Advocacy & Thought Leadership, Engagement & Delivery Mechanisms and Capability Readiness, the group focuses on:

  1. Market Strategy: define UK capability, demonstrate UK value-add, promote the UK offering to the global market.
  2. Ecosystem Development: foster an ecosystem of developers, infrastructure providers, regulators, operators, and investors where collaborative partnerships can be formed.
  3. Export and BD: understand and make links to global markets, identify use cases to support emerging business cases, and create awareness within relevant stakeholder communities.
  4. Regulatory Maturity: work with the UK CAA to shape a regulatory framework that enables UK products and services to be brought to a national and global market.

How Do I Join

Apply to join on this page, or contact David Gomez-Masipe by e-mailing

Key roles

David Gomez Masipe

Group Facilitator

Furqan -


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