Reducing aviation’s impact on climate change will be a driving force behind the aerospace industry for the immediate and foreseeable future and ADS is doing all it can to support UK aerospace meet its ambitious climate goals.

We have recently relaunched our Sustainable Aerospace Hub to reflect latest industry knowledge and insight.

Blog posts

2020 Budget

ADS Submission for Budget 2021

Ahead of the 2021 Budget scheduled for March 3, ADS wrote to the Chancellor to set out the priorities and measures that are needed to…

H2GEAR and Hydrogen in Aviation

In response to the announcement this week that GKN Aerospace will lead the development of a ground-breaking liquid hydrogen propulsion system for sub-regional aircraft, ADS…

Airbus announce ZeroE concept aircraft

Hydrogen – the future The 21st September is Zero Emissions day. Airbus chose to mark the occasion by announcing its intention to develop a zero-emissions…


Achieving Green Recovery: Aerospace

Where we are By this point we’re all well aware of the catastrophic effect the COVID-19 crisis has had on aviation and aerospace. The UK…