The withdrawal agreement published this week and the political declaration on the UK’s future relationship with the European Union (EU) offer businesses the certainty they need.

ADS believes the withdrawal agreement would deliver a smooth Brexit transition and it is in the interests of the UK economy for it to be endorsed, following appropriate Parliamentary scrutiny.


ADS Chief Executive Paul Everitt quotes

On the Withdrawal Agreement:

“The withdrawal agreement published this week is a welcome breakthrough that will secure the important transition arrangement and the time needed to discuss the full detail of our long-term relationship with the EU.
“It is in the best interests of the UK’s aerospace, defence, space and security industries for this agreement to be formally endorsed after appropriate Parliamentary scrutiny.
“With little more than four months until the UK leaves the EU, there is little time left to prepare for the disruption of a no deal outcome if this agreement is not taken forward.”

On the Political Declaration:

“The UK’s aerospace, defence, security and space businesses are part of global industries, with supply chains that are deeply integrated across Europe and the world.
“The political declaration represents a good foundation for securing many of the vital provisions our industries need to continue to prosper, sustaining and creating high value jobs in every part of the UK.
“It outlines the intention for a free trade area with deep regulatory and customs cooperation, an ambition for a comprehensive air transport agreement, and UK participation in important European defence and security programmes.
“These are all welcome statements of intent and will build confidence in our sectors over the potential for a successful deal with the EU that supports our long-term prosperity.”