ADS welcomed the Prime Minister’s proposals today for an implementation period that will see continued market access between the UK and EU before our new relationship with Europe takes effect.

ADS Chief Executive Paul Everitt said:

“An implementation period is essential and I welcome the Prime Minister’s proposal today for businesses to experience a one-step transition as part of a smooth and orderly process.

“As the Prime Minister said, this transition period should be agreed as soon as possible, and I hope both sides seize the opportunity to make progress on this important issue.

“Substantive negotiations on the future relationship between the UK and EU must put people and prosperity at their heart.

“This will require compromise on both sides and industry stands ready to help formulate detailed plans at all stages of the negotiations.”

The ADS report Building Brexit: Priorities for a future UK-EU Customs Arrangement was published on Thursday 21 September, making five recommendations to Government for the UK’s future trade relationship with the EU.