The Jet Zero strategy sets out how we will achieve net zero aviation by 2050. It focuses on the rapid development of technologies in a way that maintains the benefits of air travel whilst maximising the opportunities that decarbonisation can bring to the UK.

Commenting on the Jet Zero Strategy, ADS Chief Executive, Kevin Craven said: 

"A clear strategy for the UK that focuses on a broad range of measures through which aviation can decarbonise is a welcome step forward towards net zero aviation by 2050. The UK aerospace community is committed and ready to deliver on the promise of sustainable aviation.

"This will include the development and realisation of zero emission technologies that will play a central part of the decarbonisation journey, alongside sustainable aviation fuels, and improvements in system efficiencies. ADS and our members look forward to working with partners in industry, academia and government to solidify the UK’s place as a world-leader in green aviation."