Paul Everitt, CEO of ADS responds to today’s speech by the Prime Minister on Brexit:

“The Prime Minister has provided important clarity ahead of the triggering of Article 50 and the start of formal Brexit negotiations. ADS will continue to support Government as it seeks to secure an ambitious agreement with our EU partners that delivers barrier-free access to trade, skills and simplified regulatory regimes. 

 “Securing the best deal for the UK and our EU partners will take time and it is essential that there are transitional arrangements in place to avoid disrupting closely integrated supply chains and damaging the UK’s global competitiveness.”

 ADS’ Brexit priorities:

  • Access to and influence in the regulatory regime operated by the European Aviation Safety Agency
  • Access to the EU single market without burdensome customs administration or rules of origin
  • Access to and influence in the collaborative R&D programmes run by the EU.
  • Access to vital space programmes initiated by the European Space Agency, but funded by specific EU programmes.
  • Access to the pool of skilled labour required to maintain the UK’s global competitiveness
  • Transitional arrangements that provide sufficient time for companies to adjust to the new relationship.