Philip Dunne’s review of the contribution of the defence sector to UK prosperity and social value is welcomed by the defence industry.

Published today, the review by the former Defence Procurement Minister concludes that defence is integral to national prosperity and recommends how defence can do even more in future.

The review was commissioned to develop proposals for reform to be considered in the Modernising Defence Programme launched by the Defence Secretary earlier this year.

Recommendations include placing greater emphasis on prosperity criteria and increased flexibility in the competitive process, providing a welcome opportunity to recognise and build on the contribution industry makes to national prosperity.

ADS Chief Executive Paul Everitt said:

“The UK benefits from a world leading defence sector worth £22bn a year to our economy and generates £7bn in vital high value exports.

“Philip Dunne’s review demonstrates the wider economic, industrial and social benefits flowing from the Ministry of Defence’s procurement of equipment, services and support.

“It is important Government and industry work in partnership to deliver the capabilities required to meet current and future security threats. Philip Dunne’s recommendations will help to build a stronger relationship able to respond more quickly and to sustain a diverse and dynamic industrial base.

“Industry will expect to see the MOD respond to the detailed recommendations’ set out in the review and then to provide a regular update as they take forward this important work.”