• Value of deliveries for the first half of 2019 worth up to £14.5 billion to UK aerospace.
  • Widebody aircraft deliveries reach 200 for the year to date, a new half year record.
  • Forecast for year revised down by 300 to 1,489 aircraft deliveries due to headwinds.

Widebody aircraft deliveries reached a new record this half year with 200 delivered, helping the value to UK industry of 628 deliveries overall by the global aerospace industry remain strong at up to £14.5bn.

Challenges in the global aerospace industry have seen deliveries fall behind the pace set in a record 2018, while orders also fell as the backlog of aircraft orders fell to 13,866.

Taking account of the headwinds facing the global aerospace industry for the remainder of 2019, ADS has revised down its forecast for 2019 aircraft deliveries by 300 to 1,489 aircraft.

Engines orders remain strong as the backlog increased in the first half of 2019 to 26,578, following a 50 per cent increase in single-aisle engines being chosen for single-aisle aircraft in the backlog. 

ADS Chief Executive Paul Everitt said:

“The Global aerospace industry continues to set new records, with 200 widebody deliveries during the first 6 months of 2019. This is positive news for UK industry, helping to push the value of global aircraft deliveries to the UK to £14.5bn.

“The outlook for the second half of the year has been revised down to reflect some specific market conditions and wider concerns about international trade economic disruption.

“Aerospace is a UK success and a strong partnership between industry and Government will be essential to maximise the industrial opportunities from meeting the environmental challenges associated with the global growth in aviation demand.”