The Government today set out its defence industrial policy refresh, with a focus on support for exports and for SMEs.

The three-pronged refresh was unveiled by Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson at a Defence Solutions Centre event attended by ADS Chief Executive Paul Everitt. 

Key themes include:

  • Improving the way defence policy delivers UK economic value as well as national security objectives;
  • Helping the UK defence industry be internationally competitive, innovative and secure – including through support for exporters;
  • Making it easier for companies to do business with defence – especially SMEs, innovators and non-traditional defence suppliers.

ADS and the Defence Growth Partnership welcomed the Ministry of Defence announcement.

ADS Chief Executive Paul Everitt said:

“The UK’s defence industry makes a vital contribution to both our national security and our economic prosperity. The industrial policy refresh set out by the Defence Secretary today makes positive steps that can develop and strengthen the important partnership between government and the industry.

“Defence companies across the UK will welcome the Government’s commitment to earlier consideration of the economic impact of defence programmes, support for UK defence exports and innovation, and measures to make it easier for small companies to access defence contracts.”

Defence Growth Partnership Co-Chair Allan Cook added:

“I am delighted the Secretary of State for Defence has chosen to launch the Government’s defence industrial policy refresh at the UK Defence Solutions Centre (DSC). He has seen how the DSC is helping to facilitate innovation and develop new capabilities for the defence industry in the UK, and for our international partners.

“The Defence Growth Partnership (DGP) has made tremendous progress since its launch and we are looking forward to continuing to work more closely with our colleagues at the Ministry of Defence, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, and the Department for International Trade to support UK prosperity and our national security.”

To see the Ministry of Defence announcement, visit: