This week, BAE Systems has released a report with Oxford Economics on its contribution to the UK economy.

ADS Chief Executive Paul Everitt said:

“This report details the full scope of BAE Systems’ economic value to the UK, worth more than £11bn to the economy and creating or supporting tens of thousands of high value jobs in communities up and down the country.

“With almost 9,000 UK companies in its supply chain, the beneficial economic impact of the company’s success both at home and overseas is felt on a truly national scale. The £4.7bn annual exports achieved by BAE Systems are making a great contribution to both our national security and our economic prosperity.

“Productivity is a national challenge, but this report shows that companies like BAE Systems who invest in skills and technology can make great strides forward. The UK defence sector has seen productivity rise by 23 per cent since 2010 compared to 3 per cent in the economy as a whole, and this company is playing a key role in that vital success story.”

To see the full report, see: