Airbus and Bombardier have announced a new partnership in the C-Series programme, that sees Airbus acquire a majority stake in the C-Series.

The partnership brings together two complementary product lines, in a market segment for aircraft with between 100 and 150 seats that is expected to see more than 6,000 new aircraft manufactured in the next two decades.

ADS Chief Executive Paul Everitt said:

“This new partnership between Airbus and Bombardier is great news for the C-Series programme and for the workforce in Northern Ireland.

“The global reach that Airbus brings to the programme can help the C-Series win new orders from airlines around the world.

“Global demand for new aircraft remains high and this programme has great potential for future growth. Bombardier’s factory in Belfast makes the revolutionary composite wings for the C-Series that are an important part of its commercial appeal.

“For everyone involved in the programme, both at the factory and in the hundreds of companies in its supply chain in the UK and Ireland, this is a positive development.”