Responding to ongoing disruption at Gatwick Airport caused by drones, ADS said UK companies had capabilities that could help airport operators prevent such incidents.

The Department for Transport recently held a consultation on drones, which ADS responded to, with the Government expected to set out its plans in early 2019.

ADS Chief Executive Paul Everitt said:

“Illegal and irresponsible drone flying can cause serious disruption and significant costs to airports, airlines and passengers, as we are seeing at Gatwick today.

“Regulations are in place to make sure that those who fly drones dangerously face stiff penalties, including up to five years imprisonment for the worst cases.

“We welcomed measures proposed in the recent Department for Transport consultation, and have asked Government to consider strengthening police powers, as well as the ability of airport operators and others to deploy electronic counter-measures.

“UK security companies, including ADS members of our Drone Platform and Counter-Drone group, can help airports tackle drone disruption. Their capabilities include systems to detect, track and identify drones, kinetic and electronic measures to prevent drone incursion, as well as advice and guidance to help users understand the legal implications of deploying electronic counter-measures in the UK.”