Provider of Inmarsat aeronautical satellite connectivity services to the US Military, Department of Defense (DoD), state and local agencies, Satcom Direct Communications (SDC), has been re-awarded a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) by the US Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA).
Courtesy Satcom Direct Communications

This five-year agreement, which is a renewal of the previous BPA contract awarded to SDC in 2012, allows SDC to provide secure voice and broadband data services to support global aeronautical missions for the DoD and other federal agency bodies. The contract is also an important milestone in the military government market, as this will be the first US government procurement contract in place for Aeronautical Inmarsat GX services. The agreement has a ceiling value of $245 million over the life of the contract, which is one base year and four option years.

US government users will continue to benefit from easy ordering access to quickly establish worldwide connectivity on board all Inmarsat-equipped aircraft via SDC.  As an Inmarsat Tier 1 Distribution Partner and Value-Added Reseller, SDC supplies the full range of Inmarsat L-band solutions, including SwiftBroadband, BGAN, FleetBroadband, Swift64 and Classic Aero services, as well as the new Ka-band service, Global Xpress (GX), to US government users.

SDC optimises and enhances connectivity experience with the provision of Inmarsat’s Global Xpress Ka-band high-speed broadband communications satellite network, providing seamless reliable worldwide mobile connectivity at speeds up to 15 Mbps. With the Satcom Direct Router (SDR) and SDC’s custom built value-added services, such as SkyBond channel bonding and aggregation solution, SDC also enables the fastest SwiftBroadband inflight data speeds worldwide.
The aeronautical services will be supported by SDC’s comprehensive terrestrial network and the Melbourne, Florida-based SD Data Center of its affiliated company, Satcom Direct, to ensure secure transmission of all U.S. DoD data-transfers from aircraft to U.S. Government specified locations. Combined, the services will ensure always-on global connectivity, even in the most geographically challenging locations.  In addition, all users will have access to the SD Pro® integrated software flight platform to monitor and manage their connectivity services and usage in real time. SD Pro delivers flight planning, scheduling, flight tracking, flight data, connectivity monitoring, and maintenance tracking via a single, simple, fast and secure access point.
“Satcom Direct Communications has a proven track record of serving the U.S. government with the best combination of technology solutions and support tools for all users, from individuals through to complex DoD missions. With the addition of the powerful GX service we anticipate providing a best-in-class global connectivity solution for U.S. military, diplomatic, intelligence and civilian government aviation users,” said Stefan Tilliard, Vice President of SDC.
SDC also provides consistent, 24/7/365, customer support which resolves service issues, and troubleshoots terminal and equipment issues, as well as “core” Inmarsat services. “We have an extensive understanding of how connectivity is used by these customers, who are often operating critical missions in extreme environments. This in-depth knowledge, expertise and our proven capability in managing requirements and exceeding expectations, even in the most difficult of circumstances, certainly contributed to SDC being awarded the BPA for a second time. This BPA further validates our capabilities, and we look forward to continuing to support DISA and our U.S. government airborne users to meet their specific mission requirements,” added Tilliard. 

Satcom Direct Communications (SDC) is a technology innovator, providing global connectivity solutions for military, government, and heads of state aircraft. SDC also supports operations in areas with connectivity limitations such as remote locations, large scale events, and disaster recovery.
Since 1997, SDC and its affiliate, Satcom Direct, have worked to advance the technology of connectivity, making SDC the first in the marketplace to deliver numerous advancements and capabilities. The company is an Inmarsat Distribution Partner and Value Added Reseller for Global Xpress. 
SDC’s headquarters and primary operations centre is Melbourne, Florida, with its international office located in Farnborough, UK.