Our Sectors

From technology and exports, to apprenticeships and investment, the UK’s aerospace, defence, security and space sectors are vital to the UK’s growth.


The UK aerospace sector is world-leading, generating well-paid jobs, high-tech exports and sustainable growth across the country.

  • Average annual earnings of £43,000, 38% higher than the UK average 
  • 88% of aerospace jobs are located outside London and the South East. 
  • 97% of aerospace output is destined for export markets.  

We work with our aerospace members to ensure they maximise the opportunities that are available as a result of the unprecedented global growth in the aerospace market over the coming years and decades.

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The UK is the second largest defence exporter in the world, which helps deliver the equipment and services our armed forces and security services need to safeguard national security and contributes to the UK’s economic prosperity.

  • £2bn of funding for the UK’s future Combat Air capability, including the inspirational Tempest programme 
  • Average annual earnings of £37,500, 19% higher than the UK average 
  • 64% of defence sector jobs are located outside London & South East

We focus on supporting our defence members on a range of activities by shaping the market and generating business opportunities to enable members’ growth.

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Security and Resilience

The UK’s security and resilience sector provides solutions to the challenges we all face today, from cyber security to products and services which address the threats of terrorism and all other aspects of national security. ADS is the only national trade association that represents the breadth of the security sector.

  • Average annual earning of £38,000, 21% higher than the UK average
  • The global security market is expected to reach a value of $167bn by 2025
  • The cyber security sector added more than £4bn in value to the economy in 2020, attracting £800m of investment
  • In 2019, the UK was the third largest exporter of global security exports

We support security members in their business development at home and abroad, create a forum in which members can engage with government and provide industrial input and expertise to government policies and initiatives.

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The UK’s space sector is at the cutting edge of exploring the universe and connecting people to the world around them.

  • 40% of all small satellites currently in orbit were manufactured in the UK 
  • UK space accounts for 5.1% of the global space economy
  • All of the UK’s regions and nations are home to headquarters of space organisations

The ADS Space sector team is committed to supporting the sector by understanding our members’ objectives and challenges, in turn generating relevant new business development opportunities and developing a programme of activities in the form of briefings, networking events and a presence at international events to meet these objectives.

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