National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Programme (NATEP)

NATEP is an Aerospace Growth Partnership initiative led by ADS and delivered with the support of Regional Aerospace Alliance organisations in England (Farnborough Aerospace Consortium, Midlands Aerospace Alliance, North West Aerospace Alliance and West of England Aerospace Forum) and in the devolved regions by Invest Northern Ireland, Scottish Enterprise and the Welsh Government.


NATEP is a £14.4m programme supported by £8m from the Aerospace Technology Institute and runs from June 2017 to June 2020. It will support 40 collaborative groupings of suppliers that have innovative ideas, with guidance from experts at potential aerospace customers.  It will involve around 100 supply chain companies, Universities and Research & Technology Organisations.

As well as grant funding, the programme provides high calibre technical and management resource to help companies accelerate the technology development towards market readiness. It will equip them to win new business with existing customers and to diversify their customer base. It is an industry-led programme.  Panels of aerospace industry professionals and technology advisers throughout the English regions, Northern Ireland and Scotland are contributing their time for free to support the projects.


NATEP is based on a proven model, delivered by the partner organisations during 2013-17 and funded by the Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative. It supported 114 collaborative projects, 267 beneficiary partners and by 2022 will have created or sustained 1200 high-value jobs.


NATEP represents a tremendous opportunity, particularly for small and medium sized companies. By developing a supply chain with a high rate of innovation, rich in new technologies, the UK will be better able to offer the right products and services, at the right time and ahead of competition. This will ensure that market opportunities are exploited, with high value manufacturing work retained in the UK.

Innovative product technologies supported by NATEP will find applications on current and future aircraft platforms. New or improved manufacturing process technologies will enhance the productivity and competitiveness of the UK aerospace manufacturing sector as well as finding applications in other industry sectors such as Energy, Automotive or Rail.


Calls for outline project applications are invited on a six-monthly timetable.  Call dates and information on how to apply can be found on