Aerospace members derive great value from participation in the various Special Interest Groups and/or on the Sector’s Boards and Committees. Additionally, the team support members by providing sector specific market information, guidance on grants and funding streams. Special projects to support ADS members include Sustainable Aviation and Airworthiness and Safety.

Priority Initiatives

  • The SC21 programme, led by ADS, is designed to accelerate the competitiveness of the aerospace and defence sector by raising the performance of its supply chains to nationally recognised levels. The programme focuses on delivery and quality improvements, business, manufacturing and relationship excellence. It is sponsored by all major UK Aerospace companies.
  • The ADS contracted NATEP programme which is focused on technology projects and managed by ADS and the regional trade associations, provides the opportunity for members to become engaged in funded technology improvement programmes. This may involve leading or supporting projects with customers and peers.
  • ADS works with DIT to enhance the flow of export opportunities for proactive UK Suppliers

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

ADS operates a number of groups to support specialist business development requirements. These are open to all members to join, giving them access to the information which they issue. Some of the areas covered include:

Boards and Committees

ADS runs a number of dedicated Boards and Committees for members which are focused on the strategic planning and operational delivery relating to topics of importance for the Sectors.

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Policy work

The policy team works with the government to shape the political, economic and business environment within which our members operate.  For the aerospace sector, working with the government also influences capability requirements and leads to business opportunities.

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Business Development

ADS has dedicated support looking at markets and opportunities across the world. This information can be accessed in The Business Development Centre (BDC).

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