Company Profile

Watership Associates specialises in supporting chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) arms control, preventing supply, deterrence, elimination, disablement and protection. The company brings together CBRN professionals and CBRN orientated business professionals to provide specialist advice. The company’s associates and partners are experts in their respective disciplines with significant experience in defence, security and resilience sectors and many years’ experience in delivering CBRN capabilities in the Military and Government service or within industry. CBRN related services provided by Watership Associates include:

  • Business-to-business support:
  • Business Development including Stakeholder Engagement
  • Bid Support
  • Technology Brokering
  • IP Commercial Services
  • Marketing
  • Technical consultancy including:
  • Preparation of emergency plans/checklists.
  • Vulnerability and risk assessments.
  • Advice on command and control processes, information Management requirements and media and communications issues.
  • Training including:
  • Individual skills
  • Specialist skills
  • Collective training
  • Operational support including:
  • Deployed Specialist Advisors
  • Watership Reach-back©