Company Profile

Vemotion specialises in the compression and transmission of live video, delivering remote live video streaming solutions for both covert and overt surveillance, CCTV, specialist & military operations across a variety of vertical markets.

Vemotion’s unique video compression techniques provide high video quality at less bandwidth, while transmission protocols deliver ultra-low latency and high reliability over wireless or otherwise unreliable and congested networks.

As well as being highly reliable, Vemotion’s products are simple to use (Plug & Play). The range includes discrete and covert units, body-worn systems, ruggedised in-vehicle systems, pole-mounted deployable cameras, rack-mounted systems and software codecs.

Along with providing fully functioning end-user hardware products, Vemotion also supplies its core software components that can be installed on a wide range of third-party equipment. This flexibility provides our customers with a perfect fit solution for a diverse range of requirements.

Working with key players in the global surveillance market, Vemotion has established an excellent reputation for delivering solutions that simply work.