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UTC Aerospace Systems, Actuation & Propeller Systems has a global market lead in the design, manufacture and through-life support of Flight Controls, Propellers, Cockpit controls & Cabin Equipment for large commercial, regional, business and military aircraft, helicopters and precision weapons.

We develop and supply primary and secondary flight control systems, trimmable horizontal stabiliser actuation (HSTA/THSA), high lift actuation systems, thrust reverser actuation, main and tail rotor actuation, fuel and hydraulic system actuation, propeller systems, Cockpit Controls & Cabin Equipment) as well as products for a variety of niche requirements.

Products Range : Aileron, Elevator, Rudder, Spoiler, THSA, Helicopter Flight Controls, Specialty Systems, High Lift (flap and slat)Systems, Utility Actuation,  Missile Actuation, Nacelle Actuation Systems, Thrust Reverser Actuation, Utility Systems, Air & Fuel Valves, Hydraulic Systems and Components, Complete Propeller Systems, Fly by Wire Cockpit Controls, Cabin Equipment, Thermal Control Systems, Specialist Composites, Torque Shafts & Struts, Pressure Vessels, Fuel Pipes.


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