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Trilogy offer a range of modular intercom solutions that can be tailored to the specific needs of any industry or government agency. Incorporating best practice security standards with cost-effective IP Telecoms, Trilogy Systems can be used to complement, replace of consolidate your existing intercom platforms. With multi-level security options trilogy systems can bridge multiple networks or security domains while ensuring complete security of the most sensitive domains. All these capabilities area provided in a cost product helping to the reduce the cost of deployment and the overall total cost of ownership.

Adhering to the highest security standards, Trilogy solutions provide robust communications channels without ever compromising internal or external defences. Trilogy has worked with air forces, armies and navies across the world to deliver reliable, cutting edge communications that keep key personnel connected at all times.

Powerful customisation and management tools allow for rapid system deployment in the most demanding environments, including in theatre. And with full support for IPoS (IP over Satellite), secure communications can be deployed anywhere in the world within minutes.

Mercury’s expansion options ensure connectivity can be seamless across a wide range of technologies including:-

  • Radio interoperability (both analogue and RoIP)
  • Tetra option
  • Telephony (FXO, FXS and SIP)
  • IP integration
  • E&M

Specially designed for the secure communications requirements of military personnel and contractors, the Mercury ES product range provides a rock-solid, security-first platform for internal and external communications.

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