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We recognise the challenges in providing a secure and safe environment for those who live and work in prisons.

Complex and challenging environments have driven our innovation over 20 years and we have a proven track record working with Prison Services in Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and Secure Training Colleges in England. We’re now in the position were we want to promote that globally.

We want to create a shift in the quality of life, health and wellbeing for people in the justice system, and to do that we want to promote our services, engage with individuals and to understand problems that you’re aware of. We want to address those priorities and help to improve conditions by helping to create a better environment for staff and residents (or to promote that ideology). Our aim is to improve the quality of life for everyone, through the use of technology tailored to specific needs.

At Lava we go beyond delivering security.  

  • Easing daily working life for staff
  • Promoting meaningful engagement with prisoners
  • Whilst still retaining the highest of security measures. 

Happy to provide information on our security range ‘Tephra’ and I’ll look forward to chatting to you about our concepts and case studies.

Access, biometrics, cell functions, system integration and control.

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