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Telaugos Solutions is a management consultancy company specializing in the support of strategic and operational planning through the provision of ‘maps’ to aid understanding and objective evidence to shape decision-making. We differentiate ourselves from other strategic consulting firms by offering a systematic all-round approach to problem-solving which brings together contributions from stakeholders to provide objective results that have ‘buy-in’ from all participants. We have significant and enduring representation in Niteworks, enabling us to maintain a firm grasp of issues affecting MOD decision making. We provide experienced, knowledgeable consultants from a wide range of disciplines including facilitation, modelling ’soft’ issues, dynamic modelling, visualization, and analytic support, and have particular expertise in:

• Problem structuring – For clarification of situations where no-one has the whole picture but many have a perspective, we offer a facilitative, group-based approach to understanding, mapping, and prioritizing the issues, letting you see the wood for the trees and make clear-sighted decisions that are shared and endorsed by all participants.

• Model Building – We build bespoke models to specification, providing the tools required to understand, monitor, and control the business. The models allow visualization of complex, inter-related situations over time and give hard evidence needed to select an option.

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