Company Profile

Systematic is an independent software company providing scalable software products, turnkey solutions and support services for defence forces, security organizations and systems integrators, specialising in interoperable command and control solutions. SitaWare is a fully integrated product suite from Joint HQ to the commander on the move. SitaWare Headquarters supports decision making at the highest level with tools for operational planning and situational awareness. SitaWare Frontline is a battle control system providing a clear operational view and rapid blue force track updates for in-vehicle commanders. SitaWare Edge is a new Android solution providing C2 in the dismounted domain. The IRIS suite has revolutionised military messaging in the modern defence force by creating a range of off-the-shelf products that integrate seamlessly into standard products (such as Microsoft office), providing the framework for writing, editing and sending military messages. Systematic also provides a comprehensive range of Electronic Warfare training solutions and consultancy services.