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International Standards: 18001/ISO 41000, AS/EN/JISQ 9100, ISO 14001, ISO 9001

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Steel Dynamics are the country’s largest independent processer of Stainless-Steel in sheet & plate also providing solutions in high-grade alloys including nickel, aluminium & titanium. We are the ultimate in Total Service Provision delivering best value parts with 100% cost of ownership to point of use. 

We focus on core competencies to understand present production processes, then provide solutions that increase yield, reduce scrap, manufacturing procedures, cycle times, duplication & waste.

We are material management experts and supply chain integrators providing engineering cost reductions, resulting in improvements by utilising a linear one-touch Total Service Concept (TSC) that enhances & reduces total acquisition costs.

We have the latest, most modern processing available in laser, water jet & plasma cutting, CNC machining & press braking, with one of Europe’s largest and most powerful water jet machines at 14m x 4m with hypersonic pumps & multiple head technology.

We are positioned perfectly to help support your cost reduction & supply chain improvement goals with our Total Service Concept (TSC) system of material management which reviews current manufacturing methodologies and provides solutions that improves product time to market & reduces the metal to aircraft ratio.

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