Company Profile

Supplier to police, customs, prison and military forces worldwide. Offering Search , IEDD and bomb disposal products including x-ray systems, mine/metal and cable detectors, search tools and lighting systems. Complimentary equipment can be packaged to meet the full operational needs to the client. After-sales services include post-warranty maintenance and staff training , including off-the-shelf specialist courses from Postal Room Security to High-risk Search.New equipment for 2008/09 includes: Falcon, Hydrogenous Man October for finding explosives/drugs and other contraband in sealed cavities. Latest in the long line of gamma backscatter equipments in service with the MOD. Now with remote graphic display to laptop. Portable x-ray with with Dual Energy. Now for the first time dual energy images can be attained using the Golden x-ray generators combined with the Fox-Rayzor real time digital system.