Company Profile

Samad Aerospace is a company developing an exciting new hybrid electric vertical take-off and landing (e-VTOL) business jet. Samad Aerospace is founded and led by Seyed M. Mohseni, a serial entrepreneur who has successful background in business world and aerospace propulsion.  With his Aerospace Engineering doctorate and MBA qualifications from Cranfield University, Seyed is forming a group of specialized engineers in the field of aerospace, mechanical, avionics and control/power electronics to go through the design and development of the aeroplane. He has strong connections with Cranfield University and Imperial College which are two main research institutes in the Aerospace field in the UK.   

This aircraft is named the Starling Jet and it will be the world’s first hybrid electric propelled business jet that is capable of vertical take-off and landing like helicopter with the comfort, speed and range of business jet.  The Starling Jet is in the class of light jets with 4 people on board. The fact that the aircraft can be propelled electrically reduces the aviation CO2 emission significantly in the urban areas. 

The Starling Jet will target large corporations, high net-worth individuals and governmental bodies. The total market of business jets is $25 billion and it is going to grow to $33 billion during the next 5 years.  The target cost to the end users is yet to be defined accurately, however the expectation is to deliver the aircraft with price of less than $3.0 m. The current number of customers for light business jets and 4-man helicopters are around 11,000 per year. The executive management of Samad Aerospace are in believe that 5% of the market share can be achieved by the revolutionary concept of Starling Jet with first 5 years into the market.