Company Profile

Rockford is one of the UK's largest independent suppliers of electrical interconnection systems for Civil and Military Aerospace, Nuclear, Marine and Land Systems. 

Holding ISO9001, AS9100 Rev C and major customer approvals Rockford has a successful history in addressing the needs of Aerospace and Defence customers at home and abroad, employing over 250 staff at three SC21 Silver sites across the UK. We now have a fully compliant Joint Venture in the UAE offering offset to our customer base.

The company designs, manufactures and supplies;

  • Electro Mechanical Assemblies
  • Open Wire Aerospace Wiring looms 
  • Heatshrink Systems,
  • Braided Assemblies,
  • Woven cables assemblies,
  • Filtered, Hermetic and potted micro assemblies,
  • Fabricated boxes
  • Machined Parts

Our specialist BAE Systems approvals allow us to Braid to J56.025 and PAN 6879 using 16, 24 and 48 Carrier machines. Our five Spectrum Laser Wire marking machines allow both upper and lower case in horizontal and vertical text to be laser marked onto many types of wire.