Company Profile

RFEL is a UK based Technology Company providing high specification signal, image and video processing solutions to government, defence, security and industrial customers.

RFEL delivers cutting-edge expertise in the field of extreme real-time video processing and video analytics at the source, from consultancy to soft IP level and full sub-system hardware products.

As world leaders in high performance software defined digital receiver designs for Electronic Warfare systems, RFEL offers rapid and flexible design services based on an extensive library of multi-award winning, patented FPGA IP-Cores.

Customers benefit from complete access to RFEL’s world leading intellectual property and FPGA expertise that can make the difference in a competitive market.

RFEL’s unique, easy-to-integrate products, and proven designs, developed for a technically demanding environment, give customers a route to reliable product development at low-risk, with a short time to market, to meet tomorrow’s requirements today. RFEL operates with a total customer support philosophy.

Member News


RFEL is now Cyber Essentials Certified

RFEL has just achieved Cyber Essential certification which demonstrates that the company has robust IT defences that are designed to combat cyber attacks.