Company Profile

Redacted Firm is one of Europe’s only privately owned and vendor agnostic security consultancy firms. 

Founded by two cyber security specialists with distinct yet complimentary expertise, and almost 30 years of combined cyber security experience, Redacted Firm embodies a truly holistic approach to cyber security. With a deep understanding of the human, technical, physical and business dimensions of cyber security, Redacted Firm was developed in response to gaps within the current offering of cyber security solutions. 

Redacted Firm’s client base encompasses very large multinationals through to small clients across a variety of sectors. We help our clients understand where their vulnerabilities lie and how to mitigate their risks. Setting Redacted Firm apart from marketplace competitors is an ingrained understanding of the multifaceted nature of cyber security. We believe that it is crucial to recognise that many cyber attacks and data breaches have human as well as technical dimensions.