Company Profile

Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products (EPP), a member of the Quadrant Group, is the worlds leading manufacturer of engineering plastics in stock shapes (rod, plate, tube) for machining. Quadrant EPPs materials range from UHMW polyethylene, nylon and acetal to ultra-high performance polymers that resist temperatures to over 425 °C. Our products are manufactured under the highest standards and certified according to the relevant ISO and industry specifications. We have the ability to serve all major regional markets in the world. Products are available through a worldwide network of regional offices, technical support centres and authorised dealers. Quadrant EPPs branding programme integrates our products under a unified set of trade names* regionally and globally. This provides a clear and consistent identification of all products and makes them available worldwide. 

Quadrant EPPs General and Advanced Engineering Plastics have a long record in almost all important industries worldwide. Our materials have been working successfully for years in industrial demanding segments like chemical processing, construction and heavy equipment, food processing & packaging, medical & life science industry, mechanical engineering, conveying industry, semiconductor as well as the aerospace and defence industry and many others. 

The Quadrant Group is a leading global manufacturer of high-performance thermoplastic materials in the form of semi-finished products and finished parts. The company has locations in 20 countries and more than 2 000 employees. Together with leaders in a broad variety of customer markets, Quadrant is continuously developing new areas of application. With its new owner Mitsubishi Plastics Inc., Quadrant is well prepared to expand its market leadership position in the future.

*Acetron®, Borotron®, Duratron®, Ertacetal®, Ertalon®, Ertalyte®, Fluorosint®, Ketron®, Nylatron®, Proteus®, QuickSilver®, Semitron®, Symalit®, Techtron®, TIVAR® are registered trademarks of the Quadrant Group.