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Polar Technology Management Group Ltd. (PTMG) owns three subsidiary companies and a 5 acre factory complex based In Eynsham, Oxfordshire. SS Tube Technology (www.sstubetechnology.com), Lentus Composites (www.lentuscomposites.co.uk) and Horizon Engineering (www.horizonengineering.co.uk) make up the hi-tech engineering portfolio. These companies take the responsibility for the design, development and manufacture of a wide range of products based upon the following technologies; complex metallic tubular fabrications, polymer and ceramic composites, multi-axis machining and additive layer manufacturing.

The products across the portfolio include; high temperature exhaust, manifolds and ducting systems; thermal insulation and heat shields; composites tubes, shafts and flexible couplings, suspension straps and rods, pressure vessels, flywheels. autoclaved structural mouldings; 5-axis CNC machining capability for specialised materials such as carbon fibre composites, loconels and high alloy stainless steels, titanium and additive layer manufactured parts.

Our markets include motorsport, performance automotive, medical, energy sectors, Oil and Gas and the beginnings of aerospace. We have just won our first contract in the defence industry sector.

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