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DMARC is an effective protocol for email security that helps to prevent email phishing and fraud. It is a robust, established, but complex security protocol that many private sector and government organizations globally are adopting to protect their email.

However, setting up solutions to implement DMARC typically require months of consultancy before they work effectively, which is expensive and has a long time-to-value. Additionally, these solutions are aimed at enterprise-sized organizations and require significant investment and IT skills in setting them up, starting to report and getting the email filtering working efficiently. This process typically takes several months and skilled cybersecurity personnel to achieve it.

To counter these challenges, and make DMARC accessible to businesses of all sizes, we developed our OnDMARC solution.

OnDMARC uses a unique self-service, automated approach to enable companies to set up the DMARC protocol themselves and OnDMARC produces reports on their email within a day, without demanding any cyber security skills. Set-up and reporting is done using the industry’s first automated set-up bot, which uses natural language processing to guide users through the process of securing their email domain, step-by-step. Users can ask questions of the bot via their keyboard, in non-technical language, and set up the OnDMARC solution intuitively.

After set-up, the bot also continues to monitor the user’s emails, alerting them when any unusual activity occurs, and generating activity reports. Users can also interact with the bot in normal language to get best practice tips and advice on protecting their email. We believe this is unique - no other vendor offers this self-service, self-management capability.

As OnDMARC is a cloud service, it is priced based on email volumes, starting at £99 a year for small start-up companies, and is also available free to registered UK charities.