Company Profile

NDI Recognition Systems (NDI-RS) is a leading designer and manufacturer of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) solutions for the global market. NDI-RS provides a complete range of high accuracy ANPR components including software, cameras and hardware as well as complete solutions. As one of the leading suppliers to the UK Police Service all NDI-RS ANPR technology is NAAS compliant and meets the highest industry standards. NDI-RS is committed to ongoing research and development and its in-house team has been responsible for many of the latest innovations for the global ANPR market. These include the design of Talon, the industry leading neural network technology-based ANPR engine. With a track record of high profile ANPR installations around the globe including strategic installations such as the London ANPR Ring of Steel and the Manchester ANPR Ring of Steel, NDI-RS can provide high calibre systems to fit any specifications.