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MSL is a MOD FATS-STS/D&E registered, ISO9001-2008 certified Company that has been working continually for the MOD and military aircraft industry primes since 2006. The Company has a proven track record of undertaking independent airworthiness support tasks for MOD large transport and ISTAR platforms and delivering on-time, on-cost, high quality results.
Our core business is the sustainment and safety of military aircraft, using a range of airworthiness review methodologies, supplemented by practical, on-aircraft system interconnectivity inspection, structural repair assessment and zonal survey. The bulk of recent MSL work has been with platform project teams (Sentry, C-130, Chinook, Sentinel, and UK MFTS); it also includes a range of substantial ageing aircraft research and development tasks for Dstl. These projects have contributed to the development of the MOD’s understanding of ageing aircraft risks and issues, channelled through the MAA-chaired Systems Airworthiness Advisory Group (SAAG) and Ageing Aircraft Programme Working Group (AAPWG).

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