Company Profile

Maher Limited is an International supplier of superalloys, nickel and cobalt alloys, titanium, maraging, vacuum melted stainless steels and copper alloys in bars, plate, wire and forgings. It also offers in-house cutting, heat treatment, testing and CNC machining facilities. Industries served include Aerospace, Defence, Power Generation, Motor Sport, Oil & Gas, Marine, Petrochemical and Electronics. Maher holds ISO 9002 and AS9100 standards. Individual customer approvals include Rolls-Royce, BAE Systems, Messier Dowty and Honeywell. A complete list of approvals can be found in the Glossary. The company stocks a wide range of alloys including : * High temperature Alloys 718, 625, 80A, and A-286 * Composite tooling Alloy 36 Invar and Kovar plate and bar. * Copper -Nickel, Aluminium Bronze and Hiduron. * Maraging Steels in grade 250, 300 and 350.