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LCR provide the latest technology in laser cleaning solutions for precision components within the Aerospace, Defence, Medical and Motorsports industries.

Areasof focus include: –

  • Paint, rust, anodising and oxide removal from a wide variety of substrates.
  • Carbon build up, PVD and ceramic coatings.
  • Tooling and mould rejuvenation for use within injection moulding of components.
  • Controlled surface texturing of materials to achieve a uniform surface roughness, which can improve the bonding strength of sealants between components.
  • Pre and post treatment of welded components

Our solution reduces the risk of damage and/or contamination from other methods such as media blasting, sanding/grinding and chemical stripping, while reducing waste to a minimum. We also provide an option to operate on site when situations present for security or logistical reasons.

A further benefit is the ability to remove contaminants from an assembled component made up of several different materials. For example an aluminium hinge with brass bushes and a stainless steel bolt can all be processed in a single operation.

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