Company Profile

L3 MAPPS Ltd, are leaders in delivering 'Bridge to Propeller' capabilities and provide an extensive infrastructure  geared to developing, delivering and fully supporting tailored and cutting-edge technology solutions for the commercial and military marine sectors.

L3 MAPPS Ltd specialises in the provision of Navigation, Communication, Automation, Through Life Management and Training Solutions with state-of-the-art Integrated Platform Management Systems (IPMS), full mission simulators, in-service support and commercial marine maritime solutions.

L3 MAPPS Ltd has been a key partner or supplier for many prestigious endeavours including IPMS design, delivery and support for the Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers, Astute Class Submarines, Albion Class Landing Platform Dock Ships and has most recently secured the contract to supply IPMS for the Type 26 Frigate.

L3 MAPPS Ltd are ISO 9001:2015, TickIT Plus, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 27001 certified, BSI member and CQI registered.