Company Profile

L-3 Communications ASA Ltd (L-3 ASA) is a systems engineering and software development firm supplying systems in the areas of Communications Interoperability, Sensor Fusion/Tracking and Intelligence Dissemination. With its fusion/tracking technology, and high productivity software development process, L-3 ASA is an excellent partner in today's team-based procurement programmes. L-3 ASA's MultiSwitch is a fully programmable and scaleable switching and processing platform. MultiSwitch allows interoperability between systems using the widest range of both standard and proprietary protocols and provides the processing power to complement such systems with functionality based on diverse COTS technologies.L-3 ASA's sensor fusion/tracking technology TOTS (Target Oriented Tracking System) is the result of a 20+ year R&D program. TOTS brings new levels of precision, performance and scaleability to real-time multi-sensor fusion/multi-target tracking.L-3 ASA also produces systems for the storage and dissemination of intelligence information and commercial systems for passenger information and entertainment for the rail and air transport sectors.