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J2 Aircraft Dynamics is a UK Small/Medium sized Enterprise (SME) who, since its commercial launch in January 2010, is successfully growing in the field of fixed and rotary wing modelling, the creation and evaluation of digital twins and the application and exploitation of its own proprietary software tool set, j2 Universal Tool-Kit, to find and deliver value for its end user clients.

In the world of aircraft design, evaluation and modelling, j2, with the j2 Universal Tool-Kit, has remained focused on accelerating the adoption of technology and ideas by unlocking innovation in aircraft design, analysis and simulation techniques.  The unique application of the integrated flight physics engine within the j2 Universal Tool-Kit used in aircraft design has also opened further high value application areas of aircraft digital twin creation and develpoment, in flight test and automated flight test data analysis including flight test data matching and PID, flight test planning and risk/accident evaluation and analysis and a more efficient route to high fidelity simulator model build and certification on both fixed wing and rotary wing platforms. The capabilities summarised above are underpinned by j2 being awarded two ITAR licenses for Dept of Defence work in the US with the sponsors being L3 Harris(now CAE) and TRU Simulation + Training.

j2 is heavily involved in the design and evaluation of PAV/eVTOL aircraft platforms across a range of development companies around the world and is already working with FAA and other US agencies at committee level on PAV/eVTOL aircraft certification standards and simulation training standards development for these complex aircraft platforms. 

J2 is an acknoweldged global leader in the air accident space where the acclerated and high fidelity modelling capability provides a powerful interrogation platform when analysing aircraft loss of control incidents, the contributors and most likely outcomes. 

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