Company Profile

ISSEE is renowned as a world leader in the delivery of externally verified and accredited, quality-driven training in all aspects of security and explosives. This covers the full spectrum from Homeland Security at the national level, including EOD/C-IED/IEDD and Search training, Explosives Storage and Management training, Forensic Awareness and Technical Exploitation training, Specialist Protection training, Marksmanship and Sniper training, and CBRN Environment training, through to the safe, compliant management and disposal of munitions and explosives for government organisations and commercial companies in the defence, oil and gas industries.

ISSEE’s clients include the UN; EU; UK MOD, Police and Emergency Services; NGOs; Charities; Commercial Manufacturing Companies, and Defence and Security Organisations worldwide.

ISSEE has a hard won reputation, gained over fifteen years, for quality and professionalism, delivering sustainable solutions for its customers which go beyond the delivery of training courses to the generation of real and significant long term capabilities.